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Environmental educations

Albufeira Marina has produced a series of procedures to identify training needs and awareness and ensure for all employees , customers and social community, whose work or through interaction with the environment , can have a significant impact to the environment environment.


All employees and stakeholders that interact with the Albufeira Marina are aware of :

  • The importance of conformance with the environmental policy , procedures and requirements of the environmental management system;
  • Significant environmental impacts, actual or potential of their activities and the environmental benefits resulting from an improvement of personal performance;
  • Their roles and responsibilities in achieving conformance with the policy and work procedures and the requirements of the environmental management system , including the requirements for prevention and emergency response ;
  • The potential consequences of departure from specified operating procedures.

In order to ensure appropriate training to its employees , the Albufeira Marina prepares an annual training plan , which includes environmental training .


Albufeira Marina is also concerned to ascertain whether the subcontractors employees have the necessary training .


In addition to the training , the Albufeira Marina organizes environmental awareness and training on the nautical practice.



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