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This area does not replace the official publications of the Hydrographic Institute which accepts no liability arising from the use of elements of transcripts tides .


We alert users that the tide forecasts displayed are referred to a time zone that may not coincide with the corresponding statutory time timezone .

Since Datum ( ZH ) plan was set in relation to average levels adopted for several decades , currently there is a systematic difference of about 10 centimeters between the observed water heights and tidal heights provided .

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The tables described here were calculated for the port of Lagos by the Hydrographic Office , Navy taking the harmonic analysis was carried out with tide gauge observations 1992m recorded at tide gauge installed on Pier Solaria , defined by the following coordinates : Latitude : 37 ° 05 ' , 97 ' N Longitude : 08 º 39 ' , 89' W European Datum ( ED50 ) .


© Copyright Navy Hydrographic Office , 2010.

Published with the permission n . Hydrographic Institute of the 02 /2010 , Navy.



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