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COMMUNICATION - 04/05/2020

Dear Costumer,

Taking in consideration the exchange of the Emergency State to Calamity State, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, due to the notice of DGRM published on the 30/04/2020 with the title “Autorização para o exercício da pesca lúdica” (attached), and regarding the Resolution of the Portuguese Council of Ministers nr.33-A/2020 (attached) and actualizing point nr. 10 of our communication sent to you on the 31/03/2020 (attached), we inform you that, is allowed from now on, the recreational fishing activity. We profit to inform also that, on the same Resolution, is also allowed the displacement for physical activities and individual sportive activities at open air, including nautical or fluvial. For these propose, must be followed all the health individual and collective protection rules indicated for the state of calamity in which regards the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak.

So, all the other points of the Communication sent to you on the 31/03/2020 still valid.

Marina de Albufeira, 04/05/2020
The Management


Comunicado Direção da Marina de Albufeira


Estimado Cliente

Face às imposições do estado de emergência, e no âmbito do plano de contenção da Marina de Albufeira,  a Direção informa que, foram efetuadas algumas alterações ao comunicado que enviamos em 20/03/2020, para as quais chamamos a vossa melhor atenção no comunicado atualizado que lhes enviamos hoje, dia 31/03/2020 (em anexo), nomeadamente relativamente aos horários:

  • O funcionamento da receção náutica no mesmo regime, será das 09H às 17H00;
  • O funcionamento da receção do estaleiro no mesmo regime, será das 09H30 às 13H00 e das 13H30 às 18:00;
  • O funcionamento da grua e Travel Lift será das 09h00 às 16h00 (sendo que o ultimo serviço terá de terminas às 16h00)
  • O funcionamento do posto de abastecimento de combustível será das 09H00 às 17H30.

Agradecemos a sua compreensão e lamentamos qualquer constrangimento.

Com os melhores cumprimentos.

A Marina de Albufeira


Aviso - Interdição da pesca lúdica

Aviso - Interdição da pesca lúdica Notice - Ban of the recreational fishing

Considerando que a pesca lúdica não está abrangida pelo elenco das atividades que constituem exceção ao dever geral de recolhimento determinado pelo Decreto n.º 2-A/2020, de 20 de março, informa-se os interessados que, no sentido de salvaguardar a saúde pública e assegurar o respeito pelas recomendações das autoridades de saúde e do Governo sobre o recolhimento domiciliário, durante o período em que vigorar o estado de emergência não é permitida a prática de pesca lúdica.

Whereas the recreational fishing is not covered by the set of activities that constitute a breach to the duty of general confinement as envisaged by Decree No. 2-A/2020, dated 20 March, we inform all stakeholders that, in order to safeguard the health public and to ensure respect for the recommendations adopted by the health authorities and the Government on mandatory confinement are obeyed, as long as such state of emergency remains valid, recreational fishing is not allowed.



COMUNICADO - COVID-19 Marina de Albufeira




Dear Costumer

Due to the actual outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), ALBUMARINA – Sociedade Gestora de Marinas, S.A. assume that is necessary to adopt prevention measures, according with what is stablished on the Contingency Plan.

The actual epidemic outbreak requires some changes on the social behaviour that we are used to, on the relationship between our employees and also between them and our customers and our suppliers.

Taking that in consideration and looking to the indications gave by the Portuguese Government to the companies, we will change some of our commercial and internal procedures, in order to protect, not only our employees, but also our customers and their families.

So, following what we referred above, we inform you that:

1. Our marina receptions (nautical and of the shipyard) will be closed to the public suspending till indeterminate date the face-to-face service;

2. However, ALBUMARINA – Sociedade Gestora de Marinas, S.A. thru her (only one) front office employee on duty at the nautical reception, will continue to work answering to their customers by phone, VHF radio or e-mail, from 09:00h to 17:00h. the shipyard reception front office e employee will be also there from 09:30h to 13:00h and from 13:30h to 18:00h;

3. All our team will be available as usual, thru the following contacts:

· Phone: (+351) 289 514 282 or (+351) 964 249 596;

· VHF Channel 9;

· E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

4. The dockmasters (marinheiros) team, even with a reduced number (only 2), will continue to assure the presence doing the minimum services at the shipyard and on the pontoons;

5. The contacts for the shipyard reception (only during the schedule referred on point 2) and for the dockmaster (out of hours) is (+351) 962 079 456;

6. The crain and travel-lift services will be operating but doing the minimum operation as possible, looking to have the less exposition as possible of the intervenient people, from 09:00h to 16:00h (it means that the last operation must finish at 16:00h). We also inform that the fuel station will be operating from 09:00h to 17:30h;

7. Due to the fact that our cleaning team is reduced, we will have only opened the west side nautical showers and toilets, close to the laundry and the SPAR supermarket. Regarding the public toilets, we will maintain only open, those of the corridor close to the Hot Shot Bowling;

8. The security central, situated on the level -1 of the underground car parking, still open assuring the presence and surveillance with the PSG team and their phone contacts are (+351) 289 592 976 or (+351) 918 602 058;

9. Marina de Albufeira has suspended till indeterminate date, the entrances of external boats by maritime way (with national or foreign registration), except in cases indicated by the Maritime National Authority or the Coast Control Unit, in coordination with the Health Delegate and the Foreign and Boarder Services;

10. Also, and yet, according with the Ministers Council Resolution and after the Captain of the Portimão Harbour that has also jurisdiction in the area of Albufeira Marina, the boats moored at Marina de Albufeira shell not leave this harbour until we have new orders. In that sense, if there is a case by reason of force majeure, must be transmitted to the management of the marina, thru the nautical reception phone numbers, that shell communicate with the referred authorities on point 9 and then communicate to the interested people.

With grateful thanks, we ask you to understand that this is a difficult situation and shell pass quickest if we all collaborate. Our target is to contribute for the prevention of the community contagion.

With our best regards.

Marina de Albufeira, 31/03/2020

The Management



Novo serviço DryStack Marina de Albufeira

Drystack Marina de Albufeira - Novo
Marina de Albufeira lança novo serviço de estacionamento em seco de embarcações e atrelados.

Para mais informações consulte o nosso site ou através do telefone (+351) 289 514 282
Reservas através do email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Foto de Marina De Albufeira.


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