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Environmental Code of Practice

Aware of the role it has to play in contributing to a sustainable future, the Marina de Albufeira has the necessary means and equipment to guarantee the conservation and protection of the environment.

It is essential that everyone participates in and contributes to this. So, please do not forget:

Place rubbish in the appropriate containers:

At the recycling point:

  • Glass in the glass container (Green);
  • Card and paper in the paper container (Blue);
  • Packaging in the packaging container (Yellow).
  • Use the waste-paper bins for dirty paper or rubbish that cannot be recycled;
  • Use the containers that are placed beside the marina walkway for rubbish bags from the boats;
  • Never throw rubbish on to the ground or into the water;
  • Use the oil-containers and dangerous waste containers which are placed next to the boat workshop for all hazardous materials;
  • Use the areas provided in the boat workshops of the marina to wash boats and carry out repairs, and follow all the rules which apply there;
  • Never throw rubbish or discharge waste water or other pollutants into the marina, along the coast or into the sea.
  • Use the facilities and equipment provided in the marina de Albufeira.
  • Save the natural resources, do not waste water or electricity;
  • Respect nature, specially in protected areas.

When passing near sensitive, protected areas, redouble your efforts to take care of the environment, as use of boats is prohibited within the boundaries of protected zones.




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