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Access by Sea:

Approach at approximately 315º to enter between the sea walls into the harbour.

Depths ( at low tide):

  • Harbour mole head: -5,0 m
  • The marina access channel: -4,0 m
  • Pontoons: -2,5 to -4,0 m.


Between the sea walls.

  • East Beacon: Tower painted with horizontal green and white stripes. Green light.
  • West beacon: Tower painted with horizontal red and white stripes. Red light.

After passing through the sea walls, proceed along the navigational channel as demarcated by the lateral green and red markings until the entrance to the marina channel indicated by two cylindrical tower beacons painted with wide green and white stripes at starboard and red and white stripes at port. The channel is dredged at elevation -4,0 (ZH) and the reception quay is situated at the end of the channel on the starboard side.



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